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If you are looking for a detailing service provider you’ve come to the right place. The attention to detail, aim for perfection and unwillingness to call a job done, is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. He is a man with a true philosophy of method that he adheres to religiously and unwavering. No matter what he quotes for a detailing service he knows he will essentially go over in terms of hours by fifty to seventy- five percent and stops only when he’s reached the maximum of what is possible. His process is part alchemy, part science and incredibly laborious. Every detailing service whether it’s a car, boat, Rv, motorcycle receives a careful walk-around with the client during which the condition is evaluated, and the customer is apprised of what will be involved, how long the service will take and what the cost will be. Having spent over 20 years working in body shops and custom paint shops, he decided he could only work for himself to achieve the level of detailing he envision. Jerry holds four certifications from Interior detailing to Exterior detailing, Polishing techniques and is an Authorized Distributor, Retailer, Installer & Training Center for Waxedshine Car Care Products for the State of Florida.


No matter the service, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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