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GSHC - Graphene Self Healing

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GSHC is a certified installer graphene self healing coating that is formulated using organic and in-organic ingredients. GSHC is a blend of graphene and polymers in which silicon dioxide and nitrogen atoms alternate forming a dense cross linked layer that has memory allowing it to self heal. With this technology we are calling it SiOx as it is a complex multi-layer cross link technology. GSHC has extreme adhesion benefits to many surfaces and has a great standalone hydrophobic effect.


GSHC can be used on: Paintwork, glass, metal, plastics, leather, rims as well as a final layer over our PPS Pro coating.

PPS Pro - 9H Coating

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PPS Pro is a certified installer high solid coating that offers great resistance to scratches, chemicals, UV rays all while offering a high level of gloss and hydrophobic finish. PPS Pro can be used standalone or as a base layer to then add Top Coat or SHC as a final step. PPS Pro can also be layered to add more protection.

PPS Pro can be used on: Paintwork, glass, metal, plastics, and rims.

Top Coat - PPF/Vinyl/Paint

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Top Coat is a fluorine and silica blend that we have combined to form Top Coat, a ultra slick and hydrophobic final layer. Top Coat can be used on various surfaces as well as a final step over various brand coatings. Maintained, Top Coat will last up to 2 years. It will also enhance your base coating adding more durability.


Safe to use on: Paint, Wheels, PPF, Vinyl Wraps, Metal, and Plastic

T+Sio2 - Titanium Coating

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T+SiO2 is a Silica and Titanium oxide hybrid coating. Utilizing both ingredients creates a hard, glossy and hydrophobic surface helping prevent UV damage, fallout bonding to the surface, chemical resistance, easy cleaning as well as adding scratch resistance. Maintained, T+SiO2 will last up to 2 years and can be layered.

Safe to use on: Paint, Wheels, PPF, Vinyl Wraps, Metal, and Plastics.

Wheel - Rim + Caliper

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Wheel Coating is a highly durable, high heat resistant wheel and caliper protection system that is easy to apply. Once applied, Wheel Coating will create a hard chemical resistant layer that provides UV protection, resistance to brake dust and easier cleaning.

Safe to use on: Wheels, Exhaust Tips, Brake Calipers, Chrome and metal surfaces.

Glass Coating

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Waxedshine Glass Coating is a nano based ceramic coating for your glass surfaces including the windshield. Glass Coating is formulated to repel water and reduce the chance of water spots. When applied on the windshield, Glass Coating is wiper safe and will withstand high wear. The results are safer driving conditions when it is raining, making the water bead off the surface. Glass Coating will help when defrosting glass as well as aid in repelling dirt.

Maintained, Glass Coating can last up to 1 year per application.

Waxedshine Warranty and After Care Guide

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